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Tests: Install badges

This page demonstrates all the install badges.


Arch User Repository (AUR): [Arch Linux (AUR) | python2]

Homebrew cask (GUI program): [Homebrew | firefox]

Homebrew formula (CLI program): [Homebrew | python@3.11]

Debian Linux: [Debian | python3]

Docker (DockerHub): [DockerHub | _/archlinux]

Docker (GitHub Container Registry): [GitHub Container Registry | kasunsjc/nginx]

Ruby Gem: [Ruby Gem | python]

Github Repository: [Github | six-two/mkdocs-badges]

Gitlab repository: [Gitlab | gitlab-org/gitlab]

Kali Linux Package: [Kali Linux | python3]

Node Package Manager (JavaScript): [npm | python-shell]

Arch Linux Package: [Arch Linux | python]

Python package (PyPI): [PyPI | mkdocs-badges]

Python package (custom Github URL): [Python package (Github) | six-two/mkdocs-badges]

Python package (custom Gitlab URL): [Python package (Gitlab) | todo/honestly-I-have-not-found-something-yet]


Custom test: [Custom Install Badge | Click to see if it works]

Custom test: [custom-test | Using alternative notation]

Custom test: [custom_2 | Using alternative notation]

Escaping test (HTML is allowed in value for icons and stuff): [Custom Install Badge | '"Test😀]

Not defined: [undefined | Hover to check that it is broken]