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Tests: Invalid badges


The badges on this page are malformed and should not be rendered. Some should also produce a warning during the build process.

|missing value, should not be rendered|

I|missing value|should not be rendered


Markdown Table
table rows should not be parsed
table row without outer pipes should not be parsed

Problematic table from #4:

🔗 information (count) grouping
🔗 server

Same table with three dashes:

🔗 information (count) grouping
🔗 server

Code blocks

And code blocks should also not be parsed:

|fenced code|should not be parsed|
|indented code|should not be parsed|

Other invalid stuff

X|invalid type|should not be parsed| xyz|invalid type|should not be parsed|

|text contains an invalid escape sequence: \n|value|

|trailing stuff|should not be parsed|trailing

|repeated attribute|should not be parsed|c:text to copy|c:||c:html-class2|

||Badge with empty title, should fail|

|Badge with empty value, should fail||

Should cause an error: S|||

S|Should cause|an error|

S|Should cause an error||c:error|l:error|

S|Should cause an error||c:error|r:example_ref|